Franchise Opportunities Available


 Why Sinkmaster is starting with Franchising?

 In 1995 the Department of Water and Forestry (DWAF) advised the public of a call to close 624 landfills across the country. The cause for this was due to leachate from landfills polluting our underground water resources. 

To date more than 70% of landfills have been closed with 9 left, 2 located in Johannesburg and 2 privately owned.

 In 2008 the new Waste Act was signed into law, saying that the separation of waste at source is mandatory.

 There has been no reaction for the law as landfills keep on closing down and placed like Cape Town, Durban and  Johannesburg only starting to separate waste at source in 2018.

 Sinkmaster has been supplying food waste disposers for over 30 years and the public’s attitude has been why we should get food waste disposers if the council can collect our food waste.

 With the new Waste Act in place, this is the right time for Sinkmaster to start with franchising.

 The benefits of Franchising         

  • Job creation where franchisees can employ up to  19 staff members
  • Enable Clean and Hygienic Environment  
  • Facilitating recycling

Franchise opportunities are available nationally.

The current investment of R350 000.00 excluding VAT is required.

For more detailed information with regards to the return of investment will be discussed in detail upon application

.For more information contact 011 476 8787 or 0860 111 490  or click the button below.